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Arlington/Mansfield YMCA STEAM Center


The Arlington/Mansfield YMCA Association has partnered with STEM It Up Sports to offer a STEAM Center to services the community. The STEAM Center will provide experiences for schools and the public to promote various levels of biotechnology, information technology, and robotics. Programming will focus on the following goals:


Nature of Integration


STEM Workforce Readiness

Expose students to professional careers within the STEM fields to increase their STEM interest and engagement.



Social Engagement

Bring together stakeholders to focus and support STEM education for our community as an Ecosystem.

Develop a healthy STEM engagement for the community youth to improve self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship building skills.

Engage students in cross-curricular instruction and activities through a variety of challenges with a focus on technology.

Visit the AMA YMCA Website to find the right STEAM Class for you!


Early Robotics

Tuesdays @ 4:00-5:00PM 

Early Robotics 2

Tuesdays @ 5:00-6:30PM

Robotics 1

Mondays @ 4:30-6:00 PM

Robotics 2

Wednesdays @ 4:30-6:00 PM

Advanced Robotics

Thursdays @ 4:30-6:00 PM

2024 Session Schedule for all Classes

Session 1: Jan.15th - Feb. 23rd 

Session 2: Mar. 4th - Apr. 12th


Session 3: April 15th - May 24th


Session 4: Jun. 3rd - July 19th


Session 5: Sept. 9th - Oct. 17th


Session 6: Oct. 21st - Dec. 5th



Help Us Make The STEAM Center a Great Place


We want to continue to make our STEAM Center a state-of-the-art facility within the Arlington/Mansfield YMCA. We need your support so that we can continue to engage with our communities! This will ensure that participants from all backgrounds can engage in STEM programming and be a part of a community that empowers them.

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