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Sphero Global Challenge Scores


2024  Kuwait Tournament

Top RVR Teams:

1st Place: Code Busters 

2nd Place: New Generation

Top BOLT Teams:

1st Place: Bolty Lighting

2nd Place: Super Sphero

3rd Place: RAD

Video credit: Hanan Alsharah

2024  Texas  State Tournament

Undercover Indi

1st Place: The Edgers-285 points

2nd Place: Megala Coral Captain- 277 points

3rd Place: Thunder Bolts- 258 points

Spies Like BOLT Upper Elementary

1st Place: Spring Branch Asteroids- 378 points

2nd Place: Young Spiders- 323 points

3rd Place: Nova's Circuit Crew- 306 points

Spies Like BOLT Middle School

1st Place: Mustangs 1- 477 points

2nd Place: Vikings 1- 473 points

3rd Place: Nuts & Bolts- 444 points

Top RVR Spies Middle School

Wharton Teen Scene RVR- 479 points

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