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Welcome to our Robotic Football League designed for both girls and boys! 


Participants will use Sphero Robots to mimic the game of football. This tech sport will involve a minimum of six players per teams to code their robots to resemble football offensive and defensive plays to obtain a field goal. Teams will use five players on the field during the game and one player as a moderator to explain the plays and record team stats. With the assistance of their coach (football player suggested), teams will code five offensive and defensive game plays in preparation for the tournament.


Players are responsible for the development of their tech team and will receive a digital imagery for representation. When developing their plays, students are encouraged to provide sound effects, digital animation imaging, lighting, variables, and infrared (IR) messaging to communicate with their teammates. Tech training is strongly suggested in preparation for the tournaments and will help teams build better communication skills, create new code sequences, receive guidance from peers and professionals, and have fun!  


Choose Your Plan


Compare our plans and choose the best one for your team!


Basic Plan



Per Team

6 to 7 Players

Tournament Access

Team Imagery Designs (Mascot, Color, & Team Name)

Website Display


Standard Plan



Per Team

6 to 7 Players

Tournament Access

Team Imagery Designs (Mascot, Color, & Team Name)

Digital YouTags for Team and Players

Website Display of YouTags and Individual Players

Digital Imagery used during Live Broadcasting





September 21, 2023

September 28, 2023

October 19, 2023

Fieldhouse USA Mansfield


October 26, 2023

Fieldhouse USA Mansfield


November 9, 2023





Make sure your team is ready for the challenge with one of our training camps!

Training Tech Camp



Per Person

Sept 11th-14th

Fieldhouse USA Mansfield

1.5 Hrs. Per Day of Tech Training & Practice

Tournament Operation Practice

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