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The Women of STEM It Up Sports

March is International Women's Month and at STEM It Up Sports, we are proud to be a company founded and led by an incredible team of women. Earlier this month, we had our team answer a variety of questions to give us a unique insight into each staff member. They were asked questions like "Who inspires you?" and "Why is it important to have women of color in the workplace?".

With their responses, we shared their thoughts throughout March with 'staff spotlights' on our social media. You can read each summary below:

Yumekia Nguyen- Regional Coordinator

Yumekia finds motivation in both her work and personal life. Inside the workplace, she is inspired by seeing the positive impact of her STEM teachings on students. Outside of work, she is driven by her passion for working with children and knowing she has a fulfilling career.

She draws inspiration from within herself, recognizing her own strength and resilience, and believing a strong woman means having compassion for all and standing up for her beliefs.

She believes that strength comes in various forms and having women of color in the workplace demonstrates that very strength.

Yumekia's favorite part of working for STEM It Up Sports is being a positive role model for children. She believes the company supports women by providing fair opportunities for positions and wages, regardless of gender.

Her advice for the next generation of young women is that sometimes vulnerability is acceptable and it should not be perceived as a weakness.

Cherri Rowe- Grant Administrator

Cherri believes being a strong woman means being confident, compassionate, and decisive while staying true to her beliefs. She draws inspiration from her mother, sisters, and those she works with, learning from their examples of resilience and determination.

Cherri is driven by a desire to see herself and those around her flourish, believing in the potential for prosperity for all. She finds motivation in her faith, which teaches her the importance of helping others achieve their goals.

She finds it important that the workplace should be a reflection of the diverse world we live in. Valuing different perspectives, experiences, and expertise of all individuals. She appreciates the inclusive culture of STEM It Up Sports, particularly highlighting its welcoming atmosphere and predominantly female leadership team as a testament to strong support for women.

Her advice to the next generation of young women is to be fearless in pursuing their dreams, reminding them that fear and doubt are the only barriers to their success.

Caren Trevino- Director of Operations

Caren finds fulfillment in providing new experiences to underprivileged students and giving them resources that would otherwise be out of reach. Outside of work, her faith and family, including her husband, baby, parents, and sister, inspire her to strive to be her best and lead by example. 

She believes that being a strong woman entails having the courage to pursue whatever they want, standing up for her beliefs, and maintaining strength despite challenges. Caren learned this from a young age because of her mother, who came to the U.S. with nothing, yet built a life for herself and her family.

Caren emphasizes the importance of women of color in the workplace, advocating for diverse perspectives and inspiring the next generation of women. At STEM It Up Sports, she appreciates the opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the supportive environment for women's advancement. 

Her advice to the next generation of young women is, “Do not be afraid of being yourself and taking risks. You are the only one that can block your blessings. Opportunities come in all different forms. Do what you want to do even if it scares you.”

Dr. Tonjia Grimble- CEO and Founder

Dr. Tonjia Grimble stresses the importance of all women in the workplace, noting that they offer diverse perspectives essential for a company's growth and appeal to a broader audience. As the owner of STEM It Up Sports, Dr. Grimble values creating an enjoyable and supportive work environment, designed with the needs of women in mind. 

She describes a strong woman as resilient and patient, highlighting that women have often been undervalued for their contributions beyond motherhood. Their patience has been a key factor in overcoming challenges faced over the years.

Dr. Grimble finds inspiration in the innocence and fearlessness of children, emphasizing how they approach learning with faith and belief in their abilities. Engaging with youth and providing them with new experiences through technology keeps her motivated when leading the company. 

Dr. Grimble encourages the next generation of young women to be fearless and embrace their womanhood. She wants them to be proud of their achievements and surround themselves with positive influences. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance and determination. They should never give up on their dreams because they can and will make their mark on the world.


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